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Solar Photovoltaic Energy

Course/Workshop Title: Solar Photovoltaic Energy
Course/Workshop Duration: 5 Days
Course Overview: This course covers important theory and practice of solar photovoltaic energy. Topics include solar radiation characteristics; solar cell technologies; solar cell operation; Cell characterization; Module design and packaging; system components and types; system design and installation.
This one week workshop in PV solar energy is intended to meet the demand for power engineers and electrical technicians who are interested to learn about renewable energy systems, applications and installation.
Expected Learning Outcomes / Competencies By the end of this workshop, you should:
  1. Be able to understand the impact of energy on our environment
  2. Be able to understand the characteristics of solar radiation
  3. Be able to understand the various PV cell technologies
  4. Be able to measure characteristic parameters of solar cells
  5. Be able to design PV modules
  6. Be able to understand the various PV power system components and types
  7. Be able to design small stand-alone PV power systems