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What We Do

The Deanship of Community Service & Continuing Education at PMU offers a variety of Training Programs and Short Courses to the community, from English courses for individuals and companies, to certification and professional development programs in Business, Engineering, ESL, IT and other areas that serve the educational needs of the Community. All our training programs are conducted as Diploma courses, Customized Corporate training programs, Short courses and Seminars.

Training Programs delivered through the Deanship of Community Service & Continuing Education provides certification in a number of different areas, and at a number of different levels. If you are looking for a professional certification to assist in finding employment, or are interested in improving your career prospects within your field, PMU’s Training Programs are the right choice for you.

The Deanship of Community Service & Continuing Education offers:
  • wide range of training programs in IT, Business, Engineering and English Language Skills.
  • Various courses for developing English Language and Soft Skills from Beginner to Advanced Levels. In addition, English for Special Purpose (ESP) is also customized and offered to the corporate sector.
  • Test Preparation Programs for IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, ACT, GMAT and GRE for the high school students.
  • Training Programs for professionals leading to recognized certification to enhance career prospects.
  • Customized Short Courses or workshops for special interest in Engineering, Business, Information Technology and Law.
  • College Bridging Program is specially designed for students who go through the secondary school educational system, but find themselves unprepared for the academic demands of college. Although some students possess the required language skills to enter college, they often lack the required competencies to succeed in a college environment. Consequently, bridging this gap at the earliest stage possible must be a priority for forward-looking students. The Deanship of Community Service & Continuing Education is committed to providing opportunities to bridge this gap by facilitating a successful transit from high school to college.