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Basic Theory of Vibration

Course/Workshop Title: Basic Theory of Vibration
Course Overview: Vibration is an everyday phenomenon that every one of us experience. Vibrations of rotary machines are the means by which dynamic forces are transferred within the structure. As so, vibration signal can tell a whole story about the behaviour, the stability and the health of machine. It is often said that vibrations are the means through which machines can communicate with us and it is eventually the language of machines. To understand this language, this course is built about the alphabetic of vibrations.
The course is intended to give a theoretical background into the main ingredients of the vibration of structures and would set a base for other courses in this area. The course audience are engineers as well as technicians, who had no/minimum exposure to the theory of vibration. A number of illustrations, examples and animations will be provided to enrich the experience of the attendees and give a flavour of what vibration is all about.
Expected Learning Outcomes / Competencies By completing this course, attendees are expected to:
  1. Understand the basic theory of vibration (single degree of freedom systems, natural frequency and measurable quantities)
  2. Learn how vibration can be controlled and minimized.
  3. Understand how vibration is transferred within structures.