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Electric Circuits

Course/Workshop Title: Electric Circuits
Course/Workshop Duration: 5 Days
Course Overview: This course covers important theory and practice in DC and AC circuits analysis. Topics include a review of Ohm’s law; Kirchoff's Current and Voltage Laws; power calculation in DC circuits, series and parallel circuits, short and open circuits, AC single phase circuits, AC three phase circuits, power calculation and AC circuits in single and three phase, power factor; power factor correction and transformers.

This one week workshop in electric circuits is intended to meet the demand for electrical technicians who are trained to gain knowledge in first course in electrical engineering.
Expected Learning Outcomes / Competencies By the end of this workshop, you should:
  1. Be able to accurately define current, voltage, energy, and power in DC and AC circuits.
  2. Be able to understand parallel and series circuits, power rating and safety.
  3. Be able to solve for current, voltage, stored energy, and power in DC and AC circuits using the following techniques: Ohm’s law; Kirchhoff’s current and voltage laws and source transformations.
  4. Be able to accurately define impedance and admittance; instantaneous, average, and reactive power; the power factor for a given load;
  5. Be able to calculate the rms value of a time-varying waveform
  6. Be able to calculate instantaneous power, average power, reactive power, and the power factor of a load in normal and polyphase circuits
  7. Be able to analyze circuits containing ideal transformers
Requirement: Laboratory: this course includes lab
Software: for circuit simulation using MULTISIM and PSICE