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Microcontroller for Robotics Applications

Course/Workshop Title: Microcontroller for Robotics Applications
Course/Workshop Duration: 3 Days
Course Overview: In this workshop, participants will be introduced to the AVR ATmega328 8-bit microcontroller through the Arduino Uno and a robotics application. The Arduino microcontroller platform has become very popular lately and is widely used in many real-world applications. These microcontrollers can be programmed using the C/C++ programming language. Programs called sketches can be edited, compiled, and downloaded easily using the Arduino IDE. Participants will perform a number of hands-on experiments with the microcontroller and interface it to a variety of IO devices such as DC motors, LEDs, Servo motor, ultrasonic sensor, infrared sensor, Bluetooth module, etc. Participants will use these IO devices and integrate them to construct a robotic vehicle that can be controlled wirelessly to operate in manual mode as well in semi-autonomous mode (obstacle avoidance and line following).
Course Objectives:
  1. Introduce the AVR ATmega328 8-bit microcontroller for real-time applications and program it using C/C++
  2. Build a robotic vehicle using Arduino Uno that can be controlled wirelessly through Bluetooth from an Android app.
Expected Learning Outcomes / Competencies By the end of this workshop, you should be able to:
  1. Use Arduino Uno to implement real-time applications Interface Arduino Uno to a variety of Input-Output (IO) devices
  2. Program the Arduino microcontrollers using the C/C++ language
  3. Use built-in Arduino libraries to write software Use Arduino IDE to edit, compile, and download code sketches
  4. Build a robotic vehicle using sensors and actuators
  5. Design and implement obstacle avoidance and line following algorithms for autonomous robotic vehicle
  6. Use Bluetooth for wireless communication
Who should attend:
  1. Engineers/technicians and students preparing to develop applications or design projects using Arduino microcontroller platform.
  2. Users interested in building robotics applications using Arduino microcontrollers.
Prerequisite Requirement:
  1. Basic programming experience in C/C++
  2. Basic knowledge of circuit analysis, digital logic design, sensors, and electronics
  3. Familiarity with microprocessors/microcontrollers
  4. Experience with Microsoft Windows