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Sensors and Instrumentation

Course/Workshop Title: Sensors and Instrumentation
Course/Workshop Duration: 5 Days
Course Overview: Sensors and Instrumentation is to give senior students in Electrical Engineering a hands-on introduction to the fundamental technology and practical application of sensors. Capacitive, inductive, optical, ultrasonic, and other sensing methods are examined.
Instrumentation techniques incorporating computer control, sampling, and data collection, calibration and analysis are reviewed in the context of real-world scenarios. Open-ended laboratory activities and required written documentation help to develop students’ analytical and communication skills.
This one week workshop in sensors and instrumentation is intended to meet the demand for electrical technicians who are trained to gain knowledge sensors technology and instrumentation.
Expected Learning Outcomes / Competencies By the end of this workshop, you should:
  1. Understand the requirements of measurement and instrumentation systems, measurement system errors and measures to reduce them;
  2. Be able to describe basic principles of measurement of displacement and level, of measurement of speed and acceleration, and of force, torque, temperature, and pressure.
  3. Be able to make basic calculations and choices for sensor and instrumentation systems.
  4. Be familiar with date acquisition (DAQ) and its components.
  5. Understand signal conditioning requirements and common electronic conditioning circuits, sensor networks and their future development.