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Fault Diagnosis using Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)

Course/Workshop Title: Fault Diagnosis using Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)
Course/Workshop Duration:  
Course Overview: Frequency analysers, known as FFT analysers (Fast Fourier Transform), are widely used in almost every industry, as a means to measure and analyse vibration signals. FFT analysers are the cornerstone of any successful maintenance system. The purpose of this course is to introduce FFT analysers and their capabilities. As so, the course presents the concepts and theory to convert signals from time domain to the frequency domain (spectrum) and looks into diagnosing faults in rotary machines based on the frequency spectrum. This is an important and practical course to all maintenance personnel working with rotary machines; as it sets a solid background to frequency analysis and interpreting and diagnosing fault sources using vibration signals.

The course is filled with a number of practical examples. For a greater benefit of this course, an in-house setting is recommended and any used system in the field would be a great addition to the learning outcome of attendees.
Expected Learning Outcomes / Competencies By completing this course, attendees are expected to:
  1. Develop an understanding of  the importance of vibration signal analysis within the maintenance program
  2. Understand the theory behind frequency analysis and the FFT analysers functions
  3. Interpret the frequency spectrum and diagnose mechanical and electrical faults
  4. Have the ability to judge the severity of vibration and develop an understating of fault diagnosis in a number of machines