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Maintenance Strategies and Vibration Analysis

Course/Workshop Title: Maintenance Strategies and Vibration Analysis
Course/Workshop Duration:  
Course Overview: Machine condition monitoring is very crucial as a part of the maintenance cycle of rotary machines. It has the potential to minimize maintenance costs and increase the reliability and safety of machines. The proposed course explores different maintenance practices and introduces a number of concepts in this area. This is followed by introducing a number of technologies and techniques used to monitor the health of rotary machines. These include but not limited to, oil analysis, thermography, ultrasound, current and voltage, acoustic emission, vibrations, etc. Among these, vibrations as a tool to monitor the health of rotary machines, diagnose any emerging fault/s and expect the remaining useful life of the deteriorating components (fault prognosis) will be discussed and explained.
This is a practical course, which deals with maintenance strategies and vibration measurements. The machine health monitoring unit at PMU can be used demonstrate on transducers and the vibration measurement chain. In house training would also be ideal and illustration and demonstration could take place on used systems.
Expected Learning Outcomes / Competencies By completing this course, attendees are expected to:
  1. Understand maintenance practices and the role of ‘on condition maintenance’ in today’s world
  2. Get exposed to different technologies and techniques used for ‘on condition maintenance’
  3. Develop an understanding of the importance of vibration signal analysis within the maintenance program
  4. Learn how to measure vibration signals.
  5. Have the ability to judge the severity of vibration and develop an understating of fault diagnosis in a number of machines