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Windows Server Administration

Course/Workshop Title: Windows Server Administration
Course/Workshop Duration: 40 Hours
Course Overview/Objectives: The primary objective of this course is to acquire a comprehensive overview of the tools and techniques needed to successfully administer Web servers. The course is designed so as to cover topics that are relevant to the role of a Web server administrator. Topics include installation, configuration, and administration of Web servers on common hardware/software platforms.
Expected Learning
At the end of this course participants will be able to:
  1. Define the role of Web servers in mission-critical, Internet-based information systems
  2. Configure the Domain Name server (DNS) and briefly explain the NetBIOS name resolution process.
  3. Configure Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS) and briefly explain the tasks it performs
  4. Define the security measures in web server environments and demonstrate the ability to setup a subset of them.
  5. Install and configure a web server using either Internet Information Server (IIS) or Apache server
  6. Develop the communication, leadership and teamwork skills necessary to work in teams, or in charge of teams, that are responsible for operating Web server environments
Who should attend This workshop is designed for candidates with basic knowledge in Networking and Windows environment.
Requirements Required Computer Lab