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Visual Basic Programming

Course/Workshop Title: Visual Basic Programming
Course/Workshop Duration: 40 Hours
Course Overview/Objectives: To introduce the important Visual Basic programming concepts to design & implement of solutions to specific problems. In addition, the course provides experience in the management of application development environments. The course examines the organization of computer programs & the control structured used to manage the flow of instructions. Primitive data types are introduced along with techniques for manipulating those data types & their use in building aggregate data structures such as strings & arrays. students will be able to define & implement form objects including data arrays, control arrays, text boxes, message boxes, dialog boxes, labels, controls, menus, frames, picture boxes, pull-down menus & combo boxes. Techniques for improving readability & maintainability are taught including appropriate documentation techniques & program modularity, initially through functions & later though object oriented techniques..
Expected Learning
At the end of this course participants will be able to:
  1. Construct a Visual Basic program using Microsoft Visual Studio
  2. Create basic Visual Basic applications
  3. Use basic programming fundamentals such as variables, constants, selection statements, loops, procedures and functions
  4. Develop an algorithm to solve a given problem and translate it into a working Visual Basic program
Who should attend This workshop is designed for candidates interested to learning Visual Basic Programming.
Requirements Required High School Diploma