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Mobile App Design & Development

Course/Workshop Title: Mobile App Design & Development
Course/Workshop Duration: 30 Hours
Course Overview/Objectives: The course will introduce the candidate to the various platforms in use on small and mobile devices. Platforms will include Apple iPhone and Google Android OS. The candidate will create applications for each platform using specialized development environments.
Expected Learning
At the end of this course participants will be able to:
  1. Describe and contrast the architectures and development environments of popular mobile platforms
  2. Summarize and explain the development cycle for mobile apps including building, testing, and deployment
  3. Analyze, install and configure different tools for the development of mobile apps, e.g., Android Studio and Xcode
  4. Design, develop and test apps for popular mobile platforms like Apple iOS and Google Android
Who should attend This workshop is designed for candidates having knowledge in Object Oriented Programming.
Requirements Required C++ or Java (Preferable Java) or any Object Oriented Programming