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Introduction to Databases

Course/Workshop Title: Introduction to Databases
Course/Workshop Duration: 25 Hours
Course Overview/Objectives: This course will introduce the fundamental of database concepts, distinguish between the three levels of a database architecture, describe the components of, functions of and people involved with a DBMS, compare and contrast the relational database model with other database models,
design databases using data modeling and data normalization techniques, use the Structured Query Language to create and manipulate the database, use a third generation programming language to develop basic database application programs.
Expected Learning
At the end of this course participants will be able to:
  1. Install, configure, and interact with a relational database management system;
  2. Describe, define and apply the relational database model to database design;
  3. Learn and apply the Structured Query Language (SQL) for database definition and manipulation
  4. Utilize database modeling techniques to model real life problems
  5. Develop a database application program using a third generation programming language
Who should attend This workshop is designed for candidates with basic/no knowledge in databases.
Requirements Required High School Diploma completion