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Technical Writing

Course/Workshop Title: Technical Writing
Course/Workshop Duration: 4 Hours / 1 Day
Course Overview: Learn the key components of technical writing that can guide you in preparing documents that reach your audience and achieve results.
Course Objectives:
  1. Understand your readers and prepare your documents to meet their needs
  2. Plan and organize your ideas and design your documents to clearly present your message
  3. Explore the changing role of grammar in today’s workplace
  4. Make your technical writing more readable and effective
  5. Use formats, layouts, and guidelines that have high impact in the business world
Expected Learning Outcomes / Competencies: Upon completion of this workshop, participants will discover ways to improve their proposals, reports, and instructions making them powerful means of persuasion and communication.
Assessment: Continuous assessment activities
Prerequisite Requirement: Communication
Who should attend: Supervisors, team leaders, team members with reporting responsibilities, or anyone with the desire to improve their writing and reporting skills.