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Applications of Total Quality in the Workplace

Course/Workshop Title: Applications of Total Quality in the Workplace
Course/Workshop Description: This course familiarizes the participants with the application of total quality management in the work place including quality assurance methods.
Course/Workshop Duration: 25 hours (5 hrs/day)
Course/Workshop Objectives:
  • Provide an introduction to the fundamental approaches of total quality management and the application of these approaches, philosophies, and strategies to issues arising in the governmental and industrial work place.
  • Enhance the participant’s understanding of the customer-supplier relationships.
  • Provide skills in designing organizations for quality by considering manufacturing and/or service industry processes.
  • Provide basic understanding of team work, empowerment and motivation techniques.
  • Provide basic understanding of leadership, strategic planning, and total quality implementation techniques.
Course/Workshop Importance: The course is very important for applications of total quality management and assurance of processes that can be measured in any work-place environment.
Lecture Strategy: Lecture materials will be presented using Microsoft PowerPoint. When possible a cooperative, participant-centered learning and discussion approach will be utilized to enable a high level of participant involvement.
Course Content: Introduction to Total Quality Management, Approaches to Total Quality, Quality in Customer-Supplier Relationships, Designing Organizations for Quality, Total Quality and Organizational Change, Quality Teamwork, Empowerment and Motivation, Quality Leadership, Strategic Planning and Total Quality Implementation.
Course Notes: Course lecture notes will be provided by the instructors to the participants.
Course Content Distribution:

Day One:

  • Introduction
  • Quality basics and history
  • Dimensions of manufacturing quality
  • Quality in services
  • Principles of total quality management
  • Customer needs
  • Designing and improving work processes
  • Measurement as a basis for improvement

Day Two:

  • Approaches to total quality
  • Major Tenants of Deming’s Philosophy
  • ISO 9000
  • Quality function deployment
  • Barriers to quality improvement
  • Tools for Continuous Improvement
  • Deming Cycle
  • Tools for Data Collection and Analysis

Day Three:

  • Principles for customer-supplier relationships in TQM
  • Practices for dealing with customers
  • Practices for dealing with suppliers
  • Customer-supplier relations in organization theory
  • The functional structure and its problems
  • Team-based organizations
  • Kaizen's philosophy of continuous improvement

Day Four:

  • Organizational change and opportunities
  • Business process re-engineering and benefits
  • Principles of process redesign
  • Quality-oriented change and organization theory
  • Types of TQM teams
  • Criteria for effective teamwork
  • Importance of empowerment

Day Five:

  • Principles of empowerment
  • Empowerment and theories of motivation
  • Roles of quality leaders
  • TQM and leadership theory
  • Quality as a strategy
  • TQM and strategic planning
  • Strategies for success
  • Conclusion
Fees: SAR 4,000
Instructor: Prof. Ali J. Chamka