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Soft Skills

Course/Workshop Title: Soft Skills
Course/Workshop Description: This course provides the basic principles of soft skills. This includes presentation skills, time management skills, business writing skills, E-mail Etiquettee skills, interviewing skills and team building skills.
Course/Workshop Duration: 25 hours (5 hrs/day)
Course/Workshop Objectives:
  • To develop and enhance presentation skills.
  • To develop time management skills.
  • To develop business writing skills.
  • To develop E-mail Etiquitte skills.
  • To develop interviewing skills.
  • To develop team building skills.
Course/Workshop Importance: The course is very important for professionals in organizations as it gives them the basic skills training needed to develop their written and oral communication skills as well as skills in time management, interviewing and team building.
Lecture Strategy: Lecture materials will be presented in English using Microsoft PowerPoint. When possible a cooperative, participant-centered learning and discussion approach will be utilized to enable a high level of participant involvement.
Course Content: Presentation skills, time management skills, business writing skills, E-mail Etiquitte skills, interviewing skills and team building skills.
Course Notes: Course lecture notes will be provided by the instructors to the participants.
Course Content Distribution:

Day One:

  • Introduction
  • Presentation preparation
  • Presentation building
  • Presentation delivery

Day Two:

  • Presenter's characteristics
  • Audience characteristics
  • Presentation tips
  • Concept of time management.

Day Three:

  • Time management problem
  • Time management solution
  • Introduction to business writing

Day Four:

  • Difference between a CV and a resume'
  • Tips for writing an effective CV
  • Business correspondence skills
  • Ways to improve email writing skills

Day Five:

  • Interview management skills
  • Top interview mistakes
  • Effective team building skills
  • Conclusion
Fees: SAR 4,000
Instructor: Prof. Ali J. Chamka