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Effective Communication Skills

Course/Workshop Title: Effective Communication Skills
Course/Workshop Duration: 4 Hours
Course Overview: This Effective Communication Skills Workshop is an interactive course designed to give you the tools to communicate more effectively with colleagues and clients, making your communication more impactful, persuasive and confident.
The program requires delegates to complete a range of practical exercises, role plays and interactive discussions to practice using the skills covered, both in small groups and individually.
Course Objectives: The goal of the training is to equip participants with a range of new techniques that will help them to:
  1. Listen carefully and speak more confidently to build rapport
  2. Analyze and use body language with purpose
  3. Lead conversations and influence people
  4. Enhance their professionalism at work
  5. Use their confidence to make a bigger impact on their audience
Expected Learning Outcomes / Competencies: Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be:
  1. Leave the workshop with a personal action plan and the knowledge to put that plan into action as soon as they return to work.
  2. Able to improve their vocal confidence and better use of their body language to develop a stronger presence. 
  3. Skillful on how to influence others to make a bigger impact on them.
  4. Learned the power of the effective listening skills.
Assessment: Continuous assessment activities.
Who should attend: This workshop is suitable for those who want to express themselves more effectively and maximize their impact in front of an audience