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Leadership Skills and Management

Course/Workshop Title: Leadership Skills and Management
Course/Workshop Description: This course familiarizes the participants with the basic characteristics, roles and skills of leading people. It also highlights the differences between leadership and management and illustrates the various leadership styles and responsibilities.
Course/Workshop Duration: 25 hours (5 hrs/day)
Course/Workshop Objectives:
  • >Provide an understanding of the differences of management and leadership.
  • >Enhance the participant’s understanding of leadership approaches and attributes.
  • >Provide and understanding of leadership qualities, traits, skills and roles.
  • >Provide a basic understanding of leadership functions, styles and excellence.
  • Create an awareness of leadership business ethics and social responsibilities.
Course/Workshop Importance: The course is very important for people in high responsibility management and leadership positions as well as for sub-ordinates and employees in order to learn and appreciate their leaders management styles and responsibilities in any work-place environment.
Lecture Strategy: Lecture materials will be presented using Microsoft PowerPoint. When possible a cooperative, participant-centered learning and discussion approach will be utilized to enable a high level of participant involvement.
Course Content: Definition of Leadership, Levels of Leadership, Differentiating Between Management and Leadership, Leadership Approaches, Leadership Qualities, Traits and Attributes, Leadership Principles, Leadership Skills and Roles, Leadership Functions and Styles, Leadership Excellence, Business Ethics and Social Responsibility, Continuing Personal Development.
Course Notes: Course lecture notes will be provided by the instructors to the participants.
Course Content Distribution:

Day One:

  • Introduction
  • Definition of Leadership
  • Levels of Leadership
  • The Leadership Challenge
  • Introduction to Situational Leadership

Day Two:

  • Differentiating Between Management and Leadership
  • Leadership Approaches
  • Leadership Qualities
  • Leadership Traits

Day Three:

  • Leadership Attributes
  • Leadership Principles
  • Leadership Skills and Roles

Day Four:

  • Leadership Functions and Styles
  • Leadership Excellence
  • Planning, Organizing, Execution and Controlling

Day Five:

  • Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
  • Continuing Personal Development
  • Conclusion
Fees: SAR 4,000
Instructor: Prof. Ali J. Chamka