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Strategic Planning

Course/Workshop Title: Strategic Planning
Course/Workshop Description: This course provides a high-level overview of the strategic planning process, including strategic formulation, plan development and implementation. Participants will receive skills training needed to develop effective strategic plans for organizations, programs and projects.
Course/Workshop Duration: 25 hours (5 hrs/day)
Course/Workshop Objectives:
  • Review the major steps of the strategic planning process.
  • How to develop mission and vision statements and values.
  • How to formulate effective strategies and approaches.
  • How to develop strategic goals, objectives, expectations and measures.
  • How to assure successful strategic plan implementation.
Course/Workshop Importance: The course is very important for leaders and managers of projects, programs and organizations as it gives them the basic skills training needed to develop strategic plans.
Lecture Strategy: Lecture materials will be presented using Microsoft PowerPoint. When possible a cooperative, participant-centered learning and discussion approach will be utilized to enable a high level of participant involvement.
Course Content: Introduction of Strategic planning, Vision, Mission and Values, Assessment The Strategic Planning Process, Goals, Objectives, and Expectations, Developing Performance Measures and Accountability, and Assuring Successful Plan Implementation.
Course Notes: Course lecture notes will be provided by the instructors to the participants.
Course Content Distribution:

Day One:

  • Introduction
  • The strategic planning process
  • Developing mission, vision, and values

Day Two:

  • Assessment
  • Review of major strategic planning process steps
  • Review roles and responsibilities

Day Three:

  • Strategic formulation
  • Developing appropriate strategies
  • Developing strategic goals and objectives
  • Developing strategic expectations

Day Four:

  • Strategic implementation
  • Performance measures
  • Communication and Trust

Day Five:

  • Review and continue strategic implementation
  • Assuring successful implementation
  • Conclusion
Fees: SAR 4,000
Instructor: Prof. Ali J. Chamka