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IELTS Preparation Course

Course/Workshop Title: IELTS Preparation Course (for recent HIGH SCHOOL Graduates)
Course/Workshop Description This course empowers students with examination techniques necessary for the IELTS test, and practice sessions on writing, listening, reading and speaking. This will be delivered through daily sessions of two hours over a period of two weeks. An important element of this module is the completion of non-assessed homework and the feedback/follow-up in class when students are made aware of areas of and weakness. At least one hour of homework is given every day focusing on developing the student’s academic writing skills. Students are expected to take part in class/small-group/one-to-one interchanges, and informal feedback is given by the trainer.
Course/Workshop Duration: • 3 weeks, 10 hours a week (30 hours)
Course/Workshop Objectives:
  1. Developed their English language skills in an academic context
  2. Acquired the examination techniques necessary for the IELTS test, so they can improve their IELTS score
  3. Increased confidence is using English in academic and everyday contexts
Expected Learning Outcomes/ Competencies At the end of this course participants will be able to:
  1. Gain techniques to improve exam skills
  2. Learn strategies for approaching each part of the test
  3. Practice in a mock test environment
  4. Understand strengths and weaknesses
  5. Plan areas of focus to improve test weaknesses
  6. Understand each test area: listening, reading, speaking and writing
Who should
This course is for high schools students (Intermediate to Advanced English speakers) wishing to obtain an IELTS course for university admission. This course is also for anyone wishing to obtain employment. 
Requirements Required High School Diploma completion