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General English

General English courses consist of open English lessons for the local community. There are three levels. Each level is divided in modules. Beginner (4 modules), Intermediate (3 modules) and Advanced (3 modules).
Division of levels:
There are three levels in the General English Course.
Each level is divided into Modules:
Beginner Level A0 1
A1 2
A2 3
A2 4
Intermediate Level B1 5
B1 6
B1 7
Advanced Level B2 8
B2 9
C1+ 10

Beginner level students will been have tested above the CEFR level A1, but under B1. Intermediate students fall between B1 and B2, and Advanced above B2. Depending on your placement test score, you will be placed into one of the modules. For example, a score of 38/50 for speaking would mean you enter module B2.2.
Placement tests are conducted via an internationally recognized proficiency test. Once the learning level has been determined, we will suggest addition supplementary learning material tailored to their specific needs and requirements.
Each module contains a 2-hour lesson, four days a week. You will study for 4 weeks and must pass an exit exam to gain their certificate.
Students can enroll in either one of the following:
  • 4-week module
  • 12 – 16 week level course.
  • 12-month course

Student Enrichment Services

The ELC will provide services to help students develop their language and academic skills through a series of specialized courses. This program provides affordable courses for high school and university students in the local community.
  • One-to-one Math tutoring
  • One-to-one English tutoring
  • Group Math courses: Algebra I and II, Calculus.

General English Course