General English

Course/Workshop Title: General English
Course/Workshop Description This General English course is designed to improve every aspect of English including listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Each lesson has clear objectives that contribute to the overall progress and moves closer to achieving language goals. This course will help improve speaking, listening, reading and writing skills while the focus is on using English naturally, grammar and vocabulary are developed as well.  
Course/Workshop Duration: 10 weeks per level, 10 hours per week
Course/Workshop Objectives:
  1. Improve speaking, listening, reading and writing skills
  2. Gain confidence in all aspects of English
  3. Progress towards  personal language goals
Course/Workshop Learning Outcomes/Competencies:
  1. Practice conversation and speaking skills using practical, real-world English
  2. To write with accuracy and effectiveness
  3. Develop strategic listening skills
  4. Improve use of grammar
Who should attend the course? This course is intended for anyone wishing to improve their English language skills for general purposes.
Fees SR 4,000 per level