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General English Course: Advanced

Course Description

The Advanced level contains THREE separate modules:

This course continues to build the skills of the EFL learner to (1) internalize for smooth production and comprehension basic words and their forms, collocations, phrases, sentence structure, and advanced grammatical forms, (2) acquire new passive, high frequency vocabulary, and move words from passive comprehension to active use, (3) speak/listen for general communicative purposes such as the production of an appropriate, structured response, and (4) listen to a standard dialect at normal speed for comprehension of content, main ideas, key details, the speaker’s purpose and justifications. The content integrates all four skills while focusing on speaking and listening. The classroom is student centered, often student driven, and learning is done through interactive activities based on themes such as “conflict resolution”, “global connectivity” and “sustainability” used across the PMU curriculum to educate, engage and motivate young adults. Follow-up practice takes place with the use of online resources. Highly qualified English instructors facilitate and guide student progress continuously and are on hand to offer one-on-one support.

Course Duration

Advanced Level Schedule (Each Module = four weeks)

Day Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
18:00 – 20:00 Advanced  Group 1 Advanced  Group 1 Advanced  Group 1 Advanced  Group 1  

Learning Outcomes

  • can give clear, systematically developed descriptions and presentations on some academic subjects outside of his/her interests with advance preparation, with appropriate highlighting of significant points and relevant supporting detail
  • can highlight significant points and relevant supporting detail appropriately
  • can understand the main ideas when listening to content on both concrete and abstract topics, delivered in a standard dialect
  • can independently develop active and passive vocabulary recognition and usage:
    • can use common collocations
    • can use some more advanced word groups and idioms
    • can use context clues, prefixes, suffixes, and roots to guess meanings
  • can develop active and passive vocabulary recognition and usage:
    • can develop vocabulary word acquisition skills, including dictionary, word classification skills, and collocation recognition skills
    • can use context clues and some prefixes, suffixes and roots to guess meaning
  • Can develop time management skills and demonstrate the ability to attend class regularly, arrive on time, stay for the duration, and be attentive during class.
  • Can participate actively in the target language individually, in pairs and in groups during classroom activities. 


  • Online courses with expert instructors are available.
  • LMS: Blackboard Collaborate
  • Flexible learning
  • E-books provided

Other Required Items for Class:

  • A4­sized notebook paper
  • Pencils with an eraser
  • Pens
  • An extra folder for loose handouts
  • Laptop computer with wireless capability, audio headset and MS Windows and Office in English
  • English/English Learner Dictionary, English/Arabic ­ Arabic/English dictionary or online equivalents