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General English Course: Intermediate

Course Description

The Intermediate level contains THREE separate modules:

Student are tested into a module using an internationally recognized placement test.  Once a student passes a module, they progress to the next. When they have completed all modules, they may enter the Advanced level.
This course introduces the intermediate EFL learner to (1) active and minimal passive vocabulary acquisition, (2) speaking for general communicative purposes, and (3) active listening for comprehension and production of an appropriate response. The learner acquires intermediate-level communicative competence in vocabulary, speaking, and listening. In a classroom based on an integrative approach – comprised of student centered, interactive activities – the learner acquires a more advanced level communicative competence in vocabulary, speaking, and listening. Follow-up practice takes place with the use of online resources.
Student centered methods have been shown to be consistently superior to the traditional teacher centered approach to instruction. This applies whether the assessed outcome is long-term internalization and retention, or depth of understanding of course material.
Also enhanced in the student-centered classroom are the acquisition of critical thinking or creative problem-solving skills, the formation of positive attitudes toward the subject being taught, and the level of confidence in knowledge or skills. Highly qualified English instructors facilitate and guide student progress continuously and are always on hand to offer one-on-one support.

Course Duration

Intermediate Level Schedule (Each Module = four weeks)

Day Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
16:00 – 18:00 Intermediate  Group 1 Intermediate  Group 1 Intermediate  Group 1 Intermediate  Group 1  

Learning Outcomes

  • Can give clear, presentations on a wide range of subjects related to his/her interests, with appropriately highlighted significant points and relevant supporting detail
  • Can correctly use simple and general spoken grammar.
  • Can acquire sufficient vocabulary to be able to give clear descriptions, express viewpoints and develop arguments
    • Can understand basic vocabulary collocations and word groups
    • Can develop active and passive vocabulary recognition and usage
  • Can identify details that support a point of view in a simple presentation or lecture aimed at a general audience.
  • Can understand the main points of narratives and conversations about familiar topics (e.g. work, leisure) delivered in clear standard speech.
  • Can describe events, real or imagined
  • Can correctly use simple and general spoken grammar.
  • Can use a limited number of linking expressions to mark clearly the relationships between ideas
  • Can acquire sufficient basic vocabulary to be able to give clear descriptions, express viewpoints and develop arguments.
  • Can give detailed accounts of experiences, describing feelings and reactions

The course includes:

  • Daily coursework: daily short listening, speaking, and vocabulary activities prompted by short readings
  • Class participation: regular attendance & active involvement in pair work, group work, and all-class activities
  • Assessment: Mid-module test and Final test
  • Course report
  • Home-based basic reading and writing activities
  • Completion certificate


Online courses with expert instructors are available.
LMS: Blackboard Collaborate
Flexible learning
E-books provided

Other Required Items for Class:

  • A4­sized notebook paper
  • Pencils with an eraser
  • Pens
  • An extra folder for loose handouts
  • Laptop computer with wireless capability, audio headset and MS Windows and Office in English
  • English/English Learner Dictionary, English/Arabic ­ Arabic/English dictionary or online equivalents