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Conversational English

Course/Workshop Title: Conversational English
Course/Workshop Description The focus of this course is conversational English. The idea is to emphasize the importance of speaking as a means of improving the pronunciation as well as enhancing the vocabulary. This course will based on the idea of lifestyle and will included conversational topics found in everyday life such as shopping, travelling, going to restaurants, etc.
Course/Workshop Duration: 4 weeks
Course/Workshop Objectives:
  1. Improve fluency through regular practice and speaking drills
  2. Expand vocabulary through in class assignments
  3. Develop a solid understanding of basic grammar structures
  4. Utilize vocabulary through field trips in real life settings such as a supermarket 
Expected Learning Outcomes/ Competencies At the end of this course participants will be able to demonstrate:
  1. Intelligible pronunciation, stress and intonation patterns
  2. Developed listening comprehension skills
  3. Expand vocabulary beyond that of the subject matter
  4. Maintain strong control of English grammar in a conversation 
Who should
This course is intended for English speakers who want basic conversational English.