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Executive English

Course/Workshop Title: Executive English
Course/Workshop Description English for Executives course serves to empower managers and supervisors alike with the verbal and written English tools needed to effectively perform their daily duties. In addition to English language instruction, this course will do equip participants with advanced technological skills, review ethical workplace practices, and understand relevant business concepts.
Course/Workshop Objectives:
  1. Participants will develop the competency to perform a variety of tasks in an executive business setting.
  2. Participants will also have the ability and technical expertise to produce business communication from written instructions in an appropriate and consistent form.
  3. Participants will learn modern day business ethics. 
Expected Learning Outcomes/ Competencies At the end of this course participants will:
  1. Be able to communicate orally in a business setting
  2. Be able to write effectively through different mediums such as reports and official letters
  3. Be able to understand common business practices
  4. Be able to comprehend and utilize ethical business practices
  5. Be able to use advanced computers skills through the use of Microsoft Office 
Who should
This course is designed for anyone in managerial positions who want to hone their skills in communication, writing, and business skills. 

Must be in a manager or supervisor position