Arabic for Beginners(Conversational)

Course/Workshop Title: Arabic for Beginners
Course/Workshop Description An Intensive Arabic course to teach Arabic speaking, reading, writing, and oral comprehension using the English alphabet phonetically to assist the trainees with the pronunciation.
Course/Workshop Duration: 8 weeks, 3 days per week for 2 hours
Course/Workshop Objectives:
  1. Master the Arabic alphabet and sound system (diacritical marks)
  2. Distinguish and pronounce all Arabic sounds, and write accurately from dictation
  3. Be able to talk about yourself, your education, and your family with any native speaker of Arabic
  4. Be able to read and comprehend simple Arabic texts
Course/Workshop Learning Outcomes/Competencies:
  1. Ability to understand basic spoken Arabic
  2. Read a variety of simple texts written in Arabic
  3. Communicate effectively in Arabic
  4. Appreciation and knowledge of Arabic culture
  5. Ability to respond in culturally appropriate ways to a variety of common situations
  6. Ability to use technology to learn more trends and events in the target language
  7. Knowledge of phonology, morphology, syntax and semantics of the Arabic language
Who should attend the course? This course is an elementary course designed for students with no or little knowledge of the Arabic language, letters and sounds.
Fees SR 2,000