Inspirational Leadership Master Class

Course/Workshop Title: Inspirational Leadership Master Class
Course Description “Doing the critical work and delivering on time every time” – Foundation skill 1
  1. Identifying the tasks that are critical for your organisations success – high return on time invested
  2. Prioritising to ensure these are focused on
  3. Managing delivery to ensure on time completion
  4. Key tools and techniques for success“
  5. "Making the best decisions and delegation for inspiration and success” – Foundation skill 2
  6. Making the best decisions – managing of complex decisions
  7. Should you delegate or not ?
  8. If so who to and how ?
  9. Delegation as a development driver
  10. Key tools & techniques for success
Course/Workshop Duration: A 3 day Master class in 3 modules:
  • Ensuring your leadership foundation
  • Getting the best from people
  • Focusing the best on what delivers success for you, them and the organization      
Course/Workshop Objectives:
  • To enable the participants to leverage their own experience combined with the approaches suggested to act as an "I CARE" leader and through this get the best from people that work for them or with them and to focus that onto what delivers success.
  • To enable them to become more entrepreneurial and so reach their own full potential and help others and the organization achieve the same.
Course/Workshop Learning Outcomes/Competencies:
  • Build and refine participant’s leadership skills through I CARE leadership.
  •  Naturally coach and motivate coworkers.
  • Learn about a new business model in management.
  •  Master modern practices and develop essential skills-set to drive themselves and their organizations forward.
  • Think more strategically and entrepreneurially about their organization and better prepare for the demands of their future career roles.
  • Examine new and effective models, tools and managerial approaches to excel in a dynamic and competitive environment.
  •  Gain a holistic and insightful perspective for the key strategic and operational challenges faced by organizations.
Who should attend the course?

Anyone who is in a leadership role, maybe in one or wishes to be in one, and wants to become as effective, engaging, entrepreneurial and ethical as leader as possible and reach their full potential.    

Fees SR 5,625