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Change Management and Organizational Development

Course/Workshop Title: Change Management and Organizational Development
Course/Workshop Description The workshop consists of four modules (4 weeks, 4 hours each) including a final project. The four modules are:
  1. The case for Change and Development (1 week or 4 hours)
  2. Critical success factors of change management and The Change Process (1 week or 4 hours)
  3. Change leadership & accountability (1 week or 4 hours)
  4. Evaluation (Group presentations and debrief) (1 week or 4 hours)
Course/Workshop Duration: 4 weeks, 4 hours each
Course/Workshop Objectives: By attending this workshop, participants will improve their capability to understand and manage organizational change. They will learn how to best roll out change within the organization.

Through the workshop, participants will:
  • Gain understanding of different theories behind (organizational) change
  • Learn how to create a case for change
  • Gain understanding of success factors of organizational change
  • Learn how to design a best-fit change approach
  • Get to know tools, templates and instruments that will help to deal with change
  • Learn to create the right infrastructure for change management
  • Practice with managing change by means of case studies
Expected Learning
This workshop will provide new insights to the different theories related to (organizational) change as well as practical tools and templates that can be used to manage change.

In addition, participants will work in break-out groups on a case study related to a large organizational transformation to identify the best-fit change approach. This will help them to better understand the critical components of change management as well as design practical interventions focused on minimizing resistance and maximizing buy-in. It is strongly encouraged for participants to bring their own case study to this workshop, i.e. a ‘change’ happening in their own organization.

Throughout the workshop, participants can relate what they learn back to their daily practice which will help them to better understand what in their particular case study would help reduce resistance and maximize buy-in.

Ultimately this workshop will provide participants with tips and ideas on how to manage the change in their own organization successfully.
Who should attend the course? This workshop is designed fo
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners.
  • Managers at different hierarchical levels and various functions within the organizations.
  • HR professionals and Organizational development trainers.
Requirements Required BA / BS degree that can be replaced by acceptable managerial experience. Proof of English language proficiency.