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Creative Thinking and Innovation

Course/Workshop Title: Creative Thinking and Innovation
Course/Workshop Description The workshop consists of four modules (4 weeks, 4 hours each) including a final project. The four modules are:
  1. Basics on Innovation and Creativity (1 week or 4 hours)
  2. The Innovation and Creativity Process (1 week or 4 hours)
  3. Best Practices, Tools/Methods Application (1 week or 4 hours)
  4. Evaluation (Group presentations and debrief) (1 week or 4 hours)
Course/Workshop Duration: 4 weeks, 4 hours each
Course/Workshop Objectives: Through the workshop, participants will:
  • Enhance performance and results through innovation and creative thinking
  • Learn practical frameworks and tools that can be used by participants to help them structure successful innovation in various areas of the business
  • Explore different techniques for managing creative organizations
  • Contribute to the development of an environment of creativity and innovation in the organization
Expected Learning
This workshop will:

  • Develop Innovative and creative thinking, increase productivity, improve time management and find new ideas for your life and business.
  • Understanding creativity science. (Know what elements are at play in a group that conduce to good creative sessions, and apply them)
  • Better internal communication (Experiencing a higher mutual connection during creative teamwork will have positive outcomes for your overall communication.)
  • Trust in your creative skills (You will understand the ins and outs of the creative mechanism at play, and be able to replicate them under any circumstance.)
  • Quicker pace of creative work (You will tangibly improve the efficiency of the time spent in ideation processes, and free time and resources for other applications.)
  • Respond to the rapid pace of change
  • Create, develop, & launch new products, services, or strategies
  • Develop creativity & innovation skills and learn what you didn't in school
  • Learn to build a culture that sparks inspiration and collaboration, develop your ability to think creatively, and ensure your next innovation project is set up for success.
  • Through interactive lectures and dynamic discussions that draw on proven theories, you’ll learn the skills, techniques, and strategies you need to successfully sustain growth and gain a competitive advantage for your organization
  • Know how to apply entrepreneurial methods and tools to assess and refine new business ideas
  • Understand the different aspects of launching your business idea
  • Improve your persuasion and pitching skills
  • Identify: Thinking habits that restrict and limit problem solving, ways to always build on ideas and rapidly produce more than you need, iterate and select the most effective and powerful ideas.
  • Show: Leadership and confidence in stronger facilitation and ideation skills, creative divergence and disruptive change.
Who should attend the course? This workshop is designed for
  • Entrepreneurs and business ownerswho need to find new ways to create value in the marke.
  • Corporate innovators, including business development managers, product developers, engineers, designers, etc. tasked with driving growth.
  • Investors, consultants, and chief innovation officers who are looking to sharpen their idea assessment and idea iteration skills.
  • Students, academicians, business scholars, and researchers.
Requirements Required BA / BS degree that can be replaced by acceptable managerial experience. Proof of English language proficiency.