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ACT Review

Course/Workshop Title: ACT Review
Course/Workshop Description Course Key Topic Area Includes:
  1. 50 hours of well-planned focused instruction on ACT with The Princeton Review trained teachers
  2. 4+ full length ACT simulated diagnostic exams
  3. Thorough review of each mathematical concept and problem solving strategies.
  4. Learning to recognize and eliminate wrong answers & work strategically under timed conditions
  5. Effective diagramming techniques
Course/Workshop Duration: Total Number of hours: 50 hours
Teaching: 36 Hours
Practice Exams: 14 Hours
Course/Workshop Objectives: To prepare students for ACT test and build up skills and confidence to get an internationally competitive score
Course/Workshop Learning Outcomes/Competencies: At the end of the program the trainees will be able to:
More confidant to conceptually and strategically beat the  ACT test and  get a guaranteed improvement of 3 points* in ACT.
* as compared to their placement test scores.
Who should attend the course? High School graduating students
Instructors Qualified Princeton Review Trainers