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Diploma in Human Resource Management (DHRM)

Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University, Deanship of Community Service and Business Development is pleased to announce the opening of Diploma in Human Resource Management in Fall Semester 2016/2017. Online registration has now started!


The Diploma in Human Resource Management (DHRM) explores the concepts, principles and systems associated with the management of employees in the workplace.  It is now considered to be a key driving force in modern organizations to achieve strategic competitive advantage making this program a strong complementary discipline in society.  Therefore this diploma program will provide appropriate professional preparation for students working toward careers in the field of human resource management. The DHRM program seeks to develop well-rounded students who are well equipped to manage human capital.  In addition, the overarching aim is to develop students’ knowledge, skills and competencies so that they can make a significant contribution in human resource management within an organization.  The DHRM program offered through the College of Business Administration consists of a total of 69 semester credit hours (6 semesters) including 3 credit hours of practical training in which starts with two semesters of Preparatory English and Math courses, followed by four semesters of subject matter and core courses. This diploma program is specifically designed for assisting students in obtaining suitable jobs in the workplace. Credit hours in the diploma program are non-transferrable to Bachelor degree credits at PMU.

Through the medium of the English language, students are immersed in real life work situations in various fields such as information technology and human resources, giving them the skills needed to succeed in future work endeavors.


  • Demonstrate effective communication skills, critical thinking skills and build the professional and personal development skills that equip them for a smooth progress on the program and business environment
  • Plan, develop, implement and evaluate human resource strategies and policies related to recruitment and selection; compensation and benefits; employee relation and ethical issues; employee performance management; training and development that are integrated with organizational goals
  • Develop and apply the concepts, techniques and activities in managing the flow of people through work organizations
  • Understand, manage and promote the management of change in organizations
  • Develop and apply the key concepts and practical approaches to the development of people in organizations
  • Develop human resource plans and professional development plans that are aligned with organizational goals and that respond to both current and future labor market conditions and evaluate their effectiveness 
  • Evaluate the contribution of human resources management to organizational effectiveness and to other functions within the organization
  • Utilize human resource management technological tools to meet the needs of internal and external customers within a global context


  • At least a High School Graduate. A satisfactory overall grade average on the General Secondary Education Certificate.
  • Approval letter from the employer to pursue study (for part time students)
  • Personal interview