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CPA Review


An intensive and surgical review sessions covering critical elements of the four sections of the Uniform CPA exam , with an emphasis on the following three determinants for successful completion of Uniform CPA Exam;

  1. Critical thinking
  2.  Problem solving
  3. Analytical ability

Strategically, each course will be entirely dedicated to one section of the Uniform CPA exam, allowing candidates to progressively advance from one section to another. The four sections of the CPA exam are as follows;

  1. Auditing & Attestation (AUD)
  2. Business Environments & Concepts (BEC)
  3. Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR)
  4. Regulations (REG)

Each of the four sections has multiple subsections.


One whole day training a week, strategically tailored for concept infusion, critical thinking, problem solving and developing analytical skills.
once a week (all day); 9am – 6pm or 10am-7pm


The CPA exam is subjected to 18 months rule, thus the candidate has 18 months from the date of the first “passed” exam to pass the remaining three (3) parts of the CPA exam in order to avoid the first “passed” exam been voided. Given the aforementioned constraint, the CPA Review Course maybe conducted as follows:

 Each section will run for four (4) months, once a week (all day); 9am – 6pm or 10am-7pm

Four months for each section accumulates to sixteen (16) months, with the remaining two months for contingency.



The primary objective of the course is to train and equip the candidates with tools to successively complete the Uniform CPA exam within 18 months. This objective maybe achieved among others through a regimented rigorous problem solving and exam-taking strategy sessions. The related aim of the course is to prepare the future generation of young people for a rewarding accountancy profession in the Kingdom.



Unlike a traditional classroom setting along with its theoretical intensive nature, the CPA review course will focus on the following learning outcomes;

  1. To inculcate a solid grounding in accounting fundamentals
  2. To achieve a superior problem solving skills by solving past CPA exam questions
  3. To understand and appreciate the interconnectedness of all four parts of the exam
  4. To enable candidates to critically analyze and solve accounting problems
  5. To learn exam-taking skills/techniques
  6. To learn time management during the CPA exam
  7. TO PASS THE EXAM at  first attempt



The Uniform CPA exam is probably the most challenging professional exam in the business field, thus is it recommended for prospective candidates with the following qualities;

  1. Highly motivated and can work independently outside of the review sessions
  2. Accounting background, preferably at masters level or 150 college credit hours (with some flexibility)
  3.  Strong passion for accounting profession
  4. Students, faculty and company employees



The major pre-requisite is accounting background. To be eligible for CPA exam registration, candidates must attain a certain number of accounting credit hours


10000 Per sections, 40000 for entire program